Michael Gary Thompson

Passed away on 25 February 2024, aged 76 years.

Michael Gary Thompson
Total Donation
£190.00 + £5.94 Gift Aid potential

Blue Skies Hospitals Fund
Blue Skies Hospitals Fund

Blue Skies Hospitals Fund supports the best healthcare and medical research on the UK's premier tourist coast. For 330,000 residents and millions of holidaymakers Blue Skies Hospitals Fund reaches out to brighten lives. The charity supports Blackpool Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust.

www.bfwh.nhs.uk/blueskies/ donate
  • £75.00 online donation
    Rachelle, Gareth & Family

    In memory of a special Dad/Gdad. The wonderful memories we made and will cherish forever xx

  • £50.00 online donation
    Linda Meylan

    In memory of a wonderful lifelong friend

  • £25.00 (+ £5.94) online donation
    Carolyn Watkins

    A big thank you to all the wonderful and dedicated staff who looked after Mikey's dad so well xx

  • £20.00 online donation
    Tracy Lord

    In memory of your dad, Michael and for the wonderful teas at the hospital who have helped my own father recently aswell as countless others with their dedicated care, true angels xx

  • online donation
    Michael Thompson

    For Dad


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